Best Yoga Asans For Weight Loss And Bodybuilding Tips

Yoga asanas For Weight loss and Body Building

Utility and place of Yoga asanas in bodybuilding is the same as salt in our eatables. Aasnas will not only enhance glow, health, and beauty of the body but also impart mental strength and concentration, hence the practitioner can gain multiple benefits from them. Needless to mention that patience, perseverance, concentration etc. are an imperative prerequisite and indispensable traits of bodybuilding. The building process of a body is like penance and yoga. Hence you will derive multiple benefits if you include yoga asanas in your bodybuilding exercises, as these asanas will develop and enhance your willpower also.

yoga asans for weight loss


Lie flat on the ground, with your face down, keep your body in such a way that your hands lie below the shoulders and also that thumbs and fingers of both hands remain stretches up. Palms should be affixed to the ground and feet stretched backwards. This asana resembles snake’s raised good. Now exert pressure on the palms and inhale and gradually raise your head to such an extent that entire body’s weight rests upon palms, stomach, and feet, stay in the raised posture for the same time and return breathe. Then return to the original position and also breathe out while coming down. This asana is an excellent posture for reducing fat around the abdomen, waist becomes thin and arms also strengthen.

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Lie flat on the ground and fix both hands alongside both sides of the head. Now load your lungs with air and raise up one hip vertically, fold your knee and hold it firmly by forming hand-touch and press upon the abdomen. Then try to touch the chin with your knee and return breath and release as far as you can easily can. Thereafter place the head on the floor and inhale. Elongate your hand and raise the leg up and return to the original position. Repeat the same process with the other leg also. This process may be repeated 6-9 times or as per your capacity.


Lie on the ground on your abdomen. Join both heels, fold the legs from the knees and bring them towards the back side of the body. Catch hold of both the ankles with hands tightly. Your heels and toes should remain adhered and soles of feet should be facing upwards. Now stretch and push your feet in such a way that your head and chest get raised up and the thighs also leave the ground. This way your body’s weight will be resting on your abdomen. keep your elbows straight and draw your feet in the forward direction.

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Stand up in a vertical position and raise up your hands, keeping the palms facing frontal side. Bend your hands gradually on the back side and simultaneously keep on bending the back slowly, and bend it so much that your hands touch the ground. It will make the shape of the half-moon. Stay in the same position for some time without exerting yourself and then push your hands and feet in forwarding direction. Finally return to the original position, from where you had started. Repeat this asana 5-6 times. This will helps in strengthening the back and renders hands, chest, and feet disease free.


As the name indicates, this posture tones up strengthens, activates and exercises all the organs of the body. Lie flat on the ground, your back touching the floor, and keep your arms straightened along sides of your waist. Join both the toes and keeping them straight, slightly raise the heels in front of you. Now slowly continue to raise your legs. When legs get fully raise up, then start raising your back also. In this position, each and every vertebra of the spine will get automatically raised up, so much so that the legs will be facing the sky. Toes should remain facing the sky in unbent and straight postures. Now, with the support of hands, start lifting your back up that weight of the entire body rests on the shoulders. Now your chin will be lodged upon the hollow portion of the throat. Stay in the said position for 8-10 minutes or as long and conveniently you can, and then slowly bring down your back on the floor and place your feet also on the ground.


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