How to Warm-Up Properly Before Workout

Examples Warm Up Exercises Before a Workout and Running

Any exercise which is performed to ready or prepares the body for subsequent exercises is called warm-up exercise, which is important for any particular type of physical and mental exercise, as it prepares the body for the physical exercise for solid ground and rendering the body’s flexibility. Following are the list of warm-up exercises before a workout.

Body Twisting

keep your hand each on both sides of the waist and widen the legs so that they can firmly touch the ground surface. Now stand erect and revolve both the arms 15 times in the left and 15 times in the right direction and keep in mind to don’t bend your legs. Frequency can be increased or decreased according to your choice and capacity but it’s advisable to increase the frequency gradually, so as to avoid any extra strain on your limbs.

Body Up and Down

Spread your legs according to your convenience and capacity and then stand erect and firmly. Now place your right hand by turning and raising slightly your right elbow. Try to bend on the left side, but you should straight not bend your knee. Now repeat this exercise 10-12 times. After finishing with the right hand, repeat the same process with your other side, bending 10-12 times. These are warm-up exercises are doing at home also.

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Lie flat on the ground surface, with your back portion touching the surface. Raise both the feet and revolve each leg alternatively, in the same manner as you use your feet and legs while cycling. Repeat this exercise for 10-12 times. Now take some rest for a while and repeat the same process.


‘Dips’ is an English word for the Hindi term called ‘ Dand-Baithak’ which is also known as ‘ Utthak-Baithak’ in common parlance. This is very excellent and useful exercise that it affects and tones up all organs of the body, apart from strengthening feet and knees also, to perform this exercise stand straight, place right hand on right side of the waist and the left hand on the left side of waist. Now stand on toes and bring your body downwards and raise your body upwards. This exercise may be repeated12-15 times or as per individual fitness standard and capacity.

Note: Those who have pain, redness and swelling etc, first consult your doctor and exercise after his permission.

Exercise for Flexibility of the body

Lie flat on the ground on your back, spread both the arms bend the knees and let them cling to lower part of thighs. Without bending your head and waist, revolve the knees to the left and right side and try to touch the floor. Your heels wouldn’t touch the floor it means you were revolving on your toes. It is done first on right and then on the left side and repeat for 12-15 times on each side.

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Exercise to strengthen the waist and core

Lie flat on the surface. Place and keep both the hands-on your thigh. Now, without letting your hands move, raise your feet and chest as far as possible, you easily can, and stay in the same position for some time.

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