Master The Art Of Hands Exercises With These 7 Tip

 Hand Strength Exercises

Strengthening power of hands is an imperative as the strength of the whole body. It has been often and generally felt that the aspirants pay more attention to the exercise of the body, but relegate their hands and their strength to secondary status, rather the fact remains that more attention should be paid to exercising those organs which are seen or observed apparently. It is the hands’ muscles which devote and underline the internal muscles and their formation within the body. Hence every practitioner should pay equal if not more attention to upkeep and health of the hands.

hand exercises

Reverse Curl

Widen your feet and stand, while slightly bending the back. Lift a barbell and let the arms, from shoulders to elbow, stick to the armpits. Now left the barbell with the help of both the hands, to the chest. Then slowly bring down the barbell. During the course of performing the exercise, a body should remain straight and erect. In the first instance, start with 6-7 exercises of 4-5 sets and thereafter increase the frequency.

Pully Curl

Fix a pully to a wall and then set in order weight of pully. Stand erect and try to pull towards the shoulders up against your optimal capacity. This exercise may be tried while sitting also. initially, start with 10-12 exercises and then add sets of 4-5 exercises.

Bench Curl

Lie on a bench with your reverse side touching the bench. Now try to lift the barbell up to the shoulders and then bring down the barbell and place it o0n the floor. Your elbows will bend in this exercise, but let not your hands touch the ground. Initially, perform two sets of 4-6 pulls and then increase frequency gradually.

Swing Bell Curl

Sit on a bench and slightly bend forward. Hold swingbell in both hands.Both arms, from shoulders to elbows, should remain stuck up both armpits. Place the arms, from elbows to hands, on the thighs. Now lift the swingbell towards the chest, without moving the elbows. To begin with, practice 10-12 times.

Standing Bicep Curl

Hold a weighty Dumbbell and stand alongside a wall, your back portion must be touching the wall. Place your other hand on a low height stool. Now gradually lift the hand towards the chest and then return to the previous position through the same process. perform this exercise 5-6 times and then repeat it in 5 sets, each set having 5-6 exercises.

Single Hand Curl

Sit on a bench and hold a lightweight dumbbell in right hand. From shoulder to elbow, your hand should remain stick to armpits. Now with the help of the remaining portion of your arm, left the dumbbell up to your chest. While lifting your fingers should face the chest- side. First, exercise 10-12 times with one hand and then repeat the same with the other hand.

Behind Back Wrist Curl

Sit on a bench and set your hands in the position and hold a dumbbell in one hand. Lift the dumbbell to the maximum height. Even in the external situation, your elbows should not get raised up. Start in said position for some time and then, gradually return to the original position.