Basic Essential Food Nutrients For Good Health

Types of Essential Food Nutrients and Their Sources

All foods are a rich source of various nutrients, as no single food items is an all consist of an item that can give essential and proper nutrients to a person to meet his own daily requirements thereof. In order to have a balanced diet, certain vegetable, fruits, dairy products, fruits, poultry products are required to be blended or not taken in isolation, except when a particular situation demands. Following list of essential nutrients ingredients of a balanced diet.


These are components of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. They provide energy and heat to our body. Sugar and starch are well-known sources of energy and both of which are existent in green plants. Starch causes accumulation of fat in the body and it is difficult to digest, thus straining the liver. Lack of carbohydrates causes weakness, run-down condition and restlessness in the body whereas its excess causes fatness. Excessive releasing of glycogen into the bloodstream can cause the rise in sugar levels of the blood and depressed or deficient supply can often result in low sugar percentage in the blood, both being forms of diabetes known as hyper and hypoglycemia respectively. A normal daily need of a person is 150 to 230 gms of carbohydrates which often is liable to vary depending on the health status of a person.


Proteins are required for proper development of our body and the word protein means first in importance. They are conglomerates of phosphorus, sulfur, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen etc. and deficient supply of proteins the body will couple the body to eat its own muscles so that all vital organs to continue to function in a normal way. The main function of proteins is to grow, repair and maintain organs and tissues of the body. In order to facilitate assimilation of proteins, the body releases amino acids which are acids which, in turn, help protein to get absorbed into the bloodstream, out of 70 amino acids. 10 are considered essential for the purpose and such essential amino acids are known as high-quality proteins. Cheif sources of proteins are eggs, soybeans, milk, almonds, nuts, coconut, fish, and meats. Certain pulses, seeds, cereals, peas also contain protein but in a limited quantity, though their proteins also shell out the good quality of protein. our skin, hormones, muscles, and enzymes are composed of amino acids since their requirements are of permanent nature, so is the need for the constant supply of proteins. In the absence or short supply of proteins to the body, one is liable to feel tired and weak whereas their excess supply will vitiate our blood, as let them rot in our intestines.

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Fats discharge the function of lubricant the body, apart from being concentrated source of energy and providing essential fatty acids for the aforesaid purpose. Our body’s fat requirement is met from oils, pure fats. Apart from that some oilseeds, nuts, soybeans also supply fats. Pulses and cereals have a meager percentage of fats. It is the myth and a misplaced conception to totally eliminate oils from our diet. In fact, fats should form an essential part of our diet, as overuse is as dangerous and risky as total lack of use.


Vitamins are essential ingredients of the food. They assist carbohydrates, fats, proteins and other nutrients to promote various chemical processes, increase energy, replace and build cells and to arouse phagocytes. For maintaining good health vitamins serve as protective foods.


Thera is five basic minerals for the body such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and magnesium and trace elements consist of iron, copper, iodine, zinc, chromium, and magnesium. In addition, cobalt, nickel, sulfur, fluorine, and gases. All such elements play an important part in physical well being of the body. Due to lack or deficient supply of minerals to our system certain physical upsets can be discerned.


It helps to form and maintain teeth and bones and blood to clot, in regulating cardiac rhythm and helps normal contraction of muscles. Calcium provides endurance and vitality, modifies menstrual pains, fortifies nerves. For absorption of calcium products, leaf and green vegetables, citrus fruits pea-nuts, beans, sunflower seeds, soybeans, pulses, etc. Calcium in conjunction with magnesium helps in maintaining the well-being of cardiovascular system.

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