5 Reasons Why All Thin Guys Are Not Building Big Muscles

5 Reasons Why All Thin Guys Are Not Building Big Muscles

If you’re wondering and always struggling to gain weight and not gaining muscles mass, then there is bad news for you. If you’re  doing same way what you’re doing in past then you can’t build muscles and gain weight in near future also.

It’s always going to be difficult for us to gain muscles and gain weight because we’re doing the same mistake over and over again. That’s because you’re a hard gainer and a hard gainer can’t gain muscles fast as possible as they desired.

So why are you still Thin and can’t gain muscles Quickly as you want?

Here are the Reasons.

Reason 1- Ignoring the fact of Progressive Overload

Firstly to build muscles you have to mentally stronger. Using the same weight for the same number of time without increasing reps does nothing to change your body to adapt. It’s same like spinning wheels and wasting of time. Simple funda is the guys who gain the more muscle is the guys who gain the maximum strength. If your exercise schedule doesn’t allow you to gain maximum strength then you’ re unable to gain more muscles.

Reason 2- Not Training with Full Force of Energy and Frequency

The more frequently and quickly you trained your muscles the faster you’ll grow. Most Muscle building schedule has training each muscle once a week. Now imagine what if you plan your workouts in a just way to train each muscle 104 times per year instead of 52 times per year. This will lead to muscles gain faster 2 times in a week.

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Reason 3- Doing Too many Reps and Sets

To justify above reason firstly copying yourself to copying workouts of your bodybuilder. There body type and your body type is totally different. There’s is no reason for doing an excessive amount of reps and sets for every body part. The goal is to hit hard and slightly to lift more than previous one.

Reason 4- Don’t have a Proven Plan and Track Record to Follow

You just Can’t go to the gym and start winging it. You need to follow a proper proven system to follow that will allow you to make regular gains that you can trace record from every workout.

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Reason 5- Don’t you Cycle your Training

overconfident thin guys love to propound themselves into the gym by always training with full-on ridiculous intensity. This is a major path to injuries, burnout and overtraining. Yes, you have to train hard but in a very smart approach. always give a Break to the body and then push forward again trying to exceed your previous best.


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