7 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Sleep Better And Insomnia

7 Amazing Tricks to get the most out of your Sleep better and Insomnia

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and keep staring at the wall and ceiling always thinking of ways to finally get some rest before the alarm bell or goes off? Are you feel tired when waking up in the morning or wake up too early in the morning and if you have doubt of insomnia? Then you must try these 7 amazing tips to get a sleep better at night naturally.

Natural Sleep Aids


  • Listen or Heard to Bedtime Stories

Remember those golden old days when you enjoyed listening to mother’s bedtime stories? Not only did her narrations and rhyming take you to lands of mystery and immaterial countries, but they easily drifted you off to the fantasy world as well. Try the same method now. Listen to stories or audio as you stuck in and let your brain relax for a good night’s sleep.There are tons of podcasts and service such as Amazon’s audible that you can use or listen for this purpose.

  • Choose the Right Mattress according to your Body

Onemain big reason for your insomnia and sleepless nights would be your mattress. Choose a mattress which would best define your body, for instance, if you are healthy persona and have back problem then you must have opted for the firm mattress which would support your spine. Enjoy and feel the compressed relaxation that the memory foam provides. Switch to a comfortable mattress that allows you to dip sleep and wake up in the morning without pain and aches. 

  • Removes all blue light screens before bedtime

It’s crucial to create a calming ambiance in your room to get the healthy and best quality of sleep. Block or removes all the blue lights emitted from the screen of computers, mobile, tablets and other gadgets in your bedroom.

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  • Listen to white hiss and noise

Are the sounds of cars and bikes are hampering your sleep? The best and effective way to ignore all these external disturbances during sleep time is to listen and concentrate on white noise. This white noise is an ambient noise produce digitally combining different sounds like rumbling waterfall, rustling leaves etc. These noise activates in the background and removes out other disturbing sounds such as snoring, traffic etc. White noise has the skill to relax you and motivate sleep.

  • Drink Cherry Juice every day

If you’re struggling to get quality sleep and insomnia, then must try sipping a glass of cherry juice before you’re going to bed. According to several studies, cherries contain melatonin a hormone that helps in to promote sleep patterns. Isn’t a great way to drift off into the land of wag?

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  • Do a Headstand

Turning the body from top to bottom is not an easy task to do. However, a headstand will supply enriched oxygenated blood to the brain cells and stave off all depressive and negative thoughts. This exercise if done regularly can beat any kind of sleep disorder and insomnia.

  • Place and put lemons in your room

If you are prone or allergies or suffer from cold, or asthma and find it difficult to catch some good sleep, then simply cut a piece of lemon and place it next to your bedside table. This will not impact a fresh citrus scent in your room but will also help you breathe better and sleep well. A cool trick indeed!

So, above are some natural sleep aids, you must all try for better and quality sleep at night and by this tricks, you see that insomnia and other diseases which are caused due to lack of sleep is removed and you will feel healthy and motivated.

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