8 Stomach Exercises You Can Do at Home for a Flat Tummy

Flat Stomach Workout Plan

Exercise and diet are two key things to have a flat belly. Burn your calories with the help of these 8 tummy exercises which will eventually you do at home and help you in losing belly fat.



Sprinting is very effective at burning calories. It increases your metabolism rate and helps burn your calories. It is important to get warmed up before starting to sprint. When you’re sprinting always run with your full force and shutter down your all muscles at that time.

Mountain Climber 

Mountain climber is a full body exercise which is good for making abs and burning fat. Start with a pushup position, and then you need to bring right knee towards your chest and jump to switch your leg position.

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Box jump

takes a box or a bench of your knee height. Stand in front, then end down a bit and push yourself to get on top of the box. Get back to the original position by jumping backwards.


Stand in an athletic position and drop into a squat position. Move your legs back and lower down your chest to get into a pushup position. Return to the squat position and jump lifting your hands over your head.


Squats is one of the best exercises for shedding fat. Ultimate exercise for stronger legs helps in reducing the fat and increases the tester level. One of the best exercises to develop and gain leg muscles. But always be careful when performing this exercise because it fails to perform with right technique it will lead to injury to muscles. Always perform this exercise in supervision.

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Jumping Rope

is one of the best cardio exercises which can burn calories quickly. Jump as fast as possible with both of your feet. Stand in the centre of the rope and swing the rope frontward. It also works out your shoulders, arms, and legs.

Medicine Ball Slam 

stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise the ball above your head and slam the ball on the ground as hard as possible. Catch the ball on the rebound. It keeps your upper body muscles functioning and can burn calories.


 lifting weight will also help you burn your calories. lifting low weight and doing more reps is good for building lean muscles. It will also help you to get rid of moobs. Targeting particular muscles will help to reduce fat around that area.

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