Master The Art Of Hip Exercises With These 5 Tips

Hip Strengthening Exercises

Well developed and muscular hips add to a body builder’s personality but it does not simply that hips should be bulky and heavy, but should be such that they do not hinder attraction and movement. By following those exercises you can succeed in making your hips attractive.

hip exercises

Stiff Legs ‘Dead Lifting’

Place two weighty dumbbells on the floor and stand straight- your both hands should be in symmetry to the armpits and dumbbells near your thighs. Now bend forward, using the weight of the hips, and try to touch the floor with dumbbells, put maximum stress on the hips, but do not move your feet. Stay in the said position for few minutes and return to the original position. The first attempt 10-12 such exercises, then pause or rest for some time and repeat 4 such sets of 10-12 exercise each.

Hack Lifting

place a wooden plank on the ground and affix your heels on the plank and stand straight. keep a weighty barbell on your backside. Fold the knees and try to lift from behind your back and try to lift up the barbell to your optimum capacity. Stay for sometime in this position and then place the barbell on the ground. Perform this exercise 8-10 times, or according to your capacity.

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Front Squatting

Keep a wooden stool or table for sitting thereon. Spread your feet in line with the width of your shoulders. Hold a weighted barbell parallel to the shoulders and, without bending your back. Squat on the table. In the initial stage, this exercise should be performed 10-12 times, after which take rest for sometime and complete 4 sets.


Place a barbell, as per your capacity, and place the same upon your shoulders and hold the same firm. Now draw one of your legs backwards very slowly. Bend your knees so that it could touch the ground, but do not exert and overdue and take your own time. In this posture, your other leg will also automatically get bent. Now slowly return to the original position. You should perform this exercise for 10-12 times initially. Repeat 4 sets. Repeat the process with the other leg also.


First, sit on a table whose height should be in line with your knee and feet. Spread your feet in a forward direction. Keep your back straight and erect and push the chest forward, Now place a weighty barbell upon the shoulders and do squatting. While getting down keep your toes up and while getting upkeep the heels upon the ground. Perform this exercise 6-8 times and repeat 4 sets each time. An exercise belt around your waist so as to rule out chances of fatigue.

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