Best Exercises For The Stomach And Waist

Exercises For The Stomach and Waist

The waist is that portion of our body upon which upper part of our body rests. If your waist is attractive then automatically your upper chest will also look good and attractive. if the waist and chest measure equally, then the beauty of the body is adversely affected. You can take advantage of the undermentioned exercises to return beauty of your waist and body. You can easily make your waist better looking through these exercise for tummy and waist.

exercise for waist

Single Arm Dumbbell

Place a dumbbell on the ground level and hold the same with the right hand, and place your left hand firmly on the table. Now left the dumbbell up to the height of your shoulder. Stay in the said position for some time and then place it again on the ground. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

Barbell Up-Rowing

Keep the barbell near feet. Now bend your back so as to lay your hands on it. Lift the barbell up to the height of your shoulders and then bring down the same. Repeat this exercise 4 sets, set consist of 10 exercises.

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Pully Rows

Grip the handle of the floor-pully and sit on the ground. Place your feet on the rest-bar. Now stretch the handle in a way that hands touch the stomach- this is the final stage of this exercise. in the said situation, you will slightly bend backward. Stay in this state for a few seconds and then return to the original position. Perform this exercise 10-12 times in one set.

Chinning The Bar

Swing on a bar, which should be more than one foot than your height and with the strength of your hands stretch up your body to such an extent that your chin could touch the bar. Afterwards return to the previous stage very gradually. Remember, your feet should never touch the ground level. Perform this exercise 6-7 times. Take rest for sometime and then repeat for such sets.

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Barbell lifting

Keep a weighted barbell near your feet and stand straight, with your feet firmly grounded on the ground. Now hold the barbell, keeping your back upright/straight, and bring it up to your thighs. Stand straight in this position, holding the barbell in both the hands. While performing this exercise, your back should remain erect and chest forward. Initially, perform this exercise 10-12 times and then repeat the process 4-5 times. Frequency should be pushed up in sustained and gradual manner.


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