Ever Desired to lose Fat but not Weight?

How to reduce Fat but not Weight


Now We’re at that time period when December starts and new year resolution may well on top of our priority and this applies top on of fitness industry as compared to other industry.

So, how your new year resolution is going? If it was to lose some serious fat, then how you got so far? If you have managed to lose some fat then heartiest congratulations. But if you’re unable to lose some fat then I have some ‘good’ news for you.

Don’t worry about losing Fat and Losing Weight, concentrate only on losing fat and gaining some serious muscles.

By just focusing on your weight reduction and increasing muscles mass you are making tremendous improvements in your body, health, body shape, structure, and fitness.

Let’s give you an example two persons body weight same is 70 kg but one person has a body fat 15% and another one has body fat 30%. Both weight cleary same but the one who has body fat 15% is to be stronger, fitter and healthier as compared to another one.

The more Muscle you have, the healthier and fittest you look!

Following Average Body Fat Percentage Of Men

Age Group: 18-22       13-20%

Age Group: 22-30       15-22%

Age Group: 30-35       18-24%

Age Group: 35-40       19-25%

Age Group: 41-45       20-28%

Age Group: 46-55       23-29%


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Regarding Food

Regarding the food, try to Reduce the following

  • White Bread
  • Sugar
  • Food Packed in tin or Packet
  • Food which contains fat above 10% or above in label
  • White Pasta

Try to Increase Following Things

  • Vegetables, up to 6 portions per day
  • Fruit, but less than 4 portions per day
  • Water, above 4-5 liters
  • Food which is grown in ground level
  • Food is grown on trees
  • Food which contains high protein but low carbs


Aim to train 4 times per week. In the gym focused on working on big muscles like chest, back and legs at least 2 times per week. Focus on exercises like deadlift, pull-ups squats, and lunges. Try to finish your exercises in 45 minutes not go to the gym an hour or just for wandering purpose. Focused intense training workout. Change or vary your exercises on a regular basis so that your body is kept guessing and change your workout schedule every 4 weeks.

General Points

  • Keep records of your body and your progression by writing down for the month and meals plan.
  • At least one ‘Cheat Day’ every 20 days or so, this gives you little something to look forward and helps to keep you from going mad!
  • Take Time and give realistic targets to achieve approx 1-2% month.

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