How To train With Chest Expander Exercises

Chest Expander Exercises

If you want instant benefits to the body then Expander Exercises are one of them. If the exercises, detailed hereinafter are practiced daily with regularity the body muscles develop rapidly and a new lease of renewed energy is infused into all the body organs. By the use of expander exercise, all the body muscles can be developed as per one’s own desire and choice. If you practice the exercises detailed in this post, with full regularity and punctuality, you will certainly notice a welcome change and improvement in your body.

chest expander exercises

Chest-Pull on Back

Lie on your back on a bench. Hold expander with both hands and moderately bring it in front of your stretch by stretching the arms, and finally straitening your arms. In the said position expander will get, fully stretched. Stay in the same position sometimes and then moderately return to the previous position. When you stretch expander inhale, then return breath as long as you hold stretched expander, and exhale while returning the previous position.


Spread your feet with shoulders width apart and hold the expander with both hands behind the hips and without folding both the hands stretch the expander. Repeat the same process with the other hand also. Practise this exercise for 6-7 times initially and then increase moderately to the maximum of 16-20 times. This exercise helps to develop triceps muscles.

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Fuel Bent

Put your right foot in the handle of the expander and stretch it. Now try to touch the ground with the other but do not exert or overdue. Try to bend your body on the left side, but keep your back straight, and also make sure that your feet remain stick to the ground. Repeat the same exercise with your left hand. Perform this exercise 5-7 times on each side.

Lateral Raise

Spread both the legs and stand steady. Hold the expander with both hands in front of the thighs. Now slowly stretch the expander on both sides and without turning or twisting your hands try to stretch to the maximum length. This exercise may also be attempted from the back side of hips also.


Widen your feet up to the width of your shoulder and stand straight. Grip the expander from behind the shoulders and then stretch the expander with your left hand and turn to the right side of your waist. Release the stretch and return to the previous position. Repeat and repeat this exercise 12 times on one of each side.

Thigh Stretching

Fix one end of the expander on to a hook and be seated on a bench of the high surface. Entangle one foot onto the other end of the expander and set straight, without bending your body from head to hips. Firmly hold the stool with both the hands. Now stretch up the expander with one foot and then bring the same down very slowly. Practise the process 5-6 times with one foot. Repeat the same exercise with the other foot also.

Chest Pull

Spread both the feet in line with the width of shoulders and firmly stand straight. Hold the expander in front of your chest and stretch it so much so that both of your arms straighten. Now let your chest forward, and sit on your toes. Then gradually release the expander, straighten your chest and let the heels touch the ground.

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