The Ultimate Guide To Bodybuilder Massage

The Ultimate Guide To Bodybuilder Massage

It is said that oil and buttermilk used in food are not so beneficial as if they are useful when massaged regularly on the body. The process of application of oil over the body is known as “Massage“. If the body is massaged with oil, after completing boring and cumbersome bodybuilding exercises, it dispels fatigue. Massage strengthens and flexes muscles, pushes up blood circulation and activates nervous system.

General Guidelines Pertaining to Massage

  • Massage only when a mind is peaceful and if a body is massaged when there is tension anger and affiliation causes tension in the muscles, desired benefits cannot be derived.
  • A body should be massaged on a neat, clean and airy place.
  • If it is a self-massage, do it while sitting and not while lying or standing.
  • While massaging, massage from down upwards so that impure blood charges towards heart where it could be purified by the heart.
  • If someone else is massaging your body, lie on a thick blanket carpet.
  • If fingers are moved swiftly over the body desired results cannot be bad. A most suitable method is to massage slowly by putting pressure. Pressure should be employed to the forbearance capacity of the portion.
  • Massage for 30-45 minutes.
  • Mustard oil or coconut oil is an ideal vehicle for massaging. If a bottle filled with oil, is exposed for 2-5 days, it will fortify efficacy and quality of the oil.
  • Take bath after finishing massage but take rest for 30-40 minutes before taking bath. Preferably use lukewarm water.

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Learn Remedial Massage 

Generally, people massage their body according to their convenience and the methods that suit and do not wish to be tied down by hard and fast rules. But one has not to spend an extra penny, if one, reports to massaging by following same rules, methods, and cautions except reasonable safeguards and precautions. Hereunder, some of the more effective and popular methods are being detailed.

  • Stroking- The hands glide smoothly and rhythmically over the skin, either alternatively or in a slow fashion or circular motion.
  • Kneading- This action is like kneading a dough, using alternate hands to squeeze and release flesh rhythmically between fingers and thumbs.
  • Friction- For deep penetration even pressure from the thumbs is applied to a body static, beside the spine or in the form of small circles on the skin.

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General Methods to Learn How To Massage

  • Open palms of hand and twist fingers slightly inwards and stroke the body. Use your both palms and proceed upward. While stroking does not lighten the fingers, rather loose than. This method of massage improves circulation of blood and imparts extra strength to the muscles.
  • In this method, the massager has to kneel on his knees so that he could exert pressure on the body, by using his body.

As shown in above figure the massager should place both of his hands on the person’s back and place the fingers midway to the spine. Now he should move his fingers of the left hand on the left side, without moving his palm, similarly, he should move fingers of the right hand also in the same manner. Then the same method should be followed in the downward motion also. Now exert pressure with fingers on both sides of the back and move from down upwards, and from upwards down. Similarly, massage hips also, Exert only that much pressure which can be tolerated by the massage person. This method stretches the muscles and blood vessels are ensured with pure and fresh blood. Stretch in muscles imparts them elasticity, extra fat is shed and the body becomes more energetic and agile.

  • Under this method, a body is rubbed. The message should exert light or moderate pressure on a body with his palms and move from down upwards and then from upwards below and hand should be moved to the left and right side of the body. This method, will remove fatigue, lessons tension, removes indolence and lethargy, enhances consciousness, imparts new life to weak blood vessels and also lower blood pressure. In a way, it tones up the entire body.

  • Shape your hand in the form of a half-open hand and then strike the body with your fists slowly at the beginning and then gradually build up momentum, but never go in an undue haste. This type of massage will dispel any type of diseases, appearing in the vicinity of muscles, improve circulation of blood, shed extra fat. The process needs to be repeated more than once.

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