How To Make Your Workout According To Body Type?

Workout According To Body Type

Hi Folks: so started with this session is related to the body type. It is important for everyone to know their body type and composition as they can plan their workouts according to the body type. There are 3 different types of the human body: Ectomorph, Endomorph, and Mesomorph.



Ectomorphs have a skinny and lean structure and have a lesser amount of body fat and muscle tissues as their metabolism are fast as compared to other. Gaining weight is difficult for them, therefore, they need to focus more and more on heavy weight lifting and take maximum rest. They should make sure their calories take should be higher than calories they burn in a gym. So, they must add Peanut butter, coconut oil, banana and sweet potato in their meal plan. Adding more and more carbs will help to gain mass.

  • Long and Lengthy Limbs
  • Small and weak joints
  • Build Thin
  • Narrow collarbone and hips


Endomorphs have a high ratio of fat in their body and losing weight is difficult for them. They should focus on high-intensity cardio exercises and should increase their repetition while lifting weights. Total rest time between the set’s maximum to 30 seconds will help. Endomorphs need to control their diet and calorie intake to reduce weight and gain muscle. High protein meals will help this type of people.

  • Rib cage is thick
  • Wider Joints
  • Hips are wider than collarbone
  • Small Limbs as Compared to Ectomorphs

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Mesomorphs have a muscular body and can increase or decrease weight without any trouble. They don’t need to Work out very intense and hard to maintain a good body shape as they are naturally fit. Little changes in diet and weight lifting can help them to obtain a good physique. Mesomorphs are naturally blessed and however, they need to keep a check regularly on their calorie intake to avoid gaining weight.

  • Wider Collarbone
  • Waist is Narrow
  • Joints are Thinner
  • Round and long muscles bellies

What is the Best Way to Train According to My Body Type?

Ectomorphs Workout: Eat and eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates regularly, lift in gym heavy with right form and technique and don’t even do aerobic activities.

Mesomorph Workout: Lift moderate weight in a gym on regular basis and also do some aerobics activities at regular intervals.

Endomorph Workout: You may try to lift moderate weight in the gym regularly, getting your heart pumps daily will helps in good health and calorie burn.

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