6 Amazing Best Workout For Women Hacks

Amazing Workout For Women

Many ladies are desirous of bodybuilding but due to moderation and hesitancy, they cannot translate their desire into action. it is not, at all, necessary that all body organs should look fully developed through bodybuilding exercise. The fact remains that a healthy body can also be easily placed and turned into a developed body. Actually, fitness is the wholesome aim of bodybuilding. The following workout for women keeps the ladies’ bodies fit, provided they can spare some time daily for the performances and utilize exercises which they can do at any time and at any place. Daily exercise for women’s at home.

  1. Simple Daily exercise to stay fit lie flat on your back and keep hands tight to sides of waist and firmly place them on the ground surface. Now raise one foot and try to touch the breast with the knee. Then affix the foot on the floor. Repeat the same exercise with another leg also. While raising the leg draw in each and while bringing down leg release breathe.
  2. Women exercise for flat stomach lie flat on your stomach and keep arms alongside the armpits. So that palms face the upper side. keeping the fingers towards fix palms on the ground surface. Soles of feet should also remain attached to the ground. Now raise head, shoulders, and chest as high as you can, so that entire back assumes a form of a bow. Let the soles and palms keep touching the ground and raise up your hips. This way your body will shape like English alphabet ‘V’. Put the weight of an entire body on soles and palms, but keep your knees and elbows straight. Drive in your abdomen squeeze and let the same remain in the same posture for some time. Thereafter return to the original position.
  3. Let the soles of feet remain fixed to the ground and let the knees be facing your chest. Bring your bends behind the head and form a back with the help of hands. Now bend upper portion of your body to 45 degrees backward and move the portion very slowly first towards the left side and then towards the right side. Now return to the original position and repeat the exercise as many times as conveniently you can.
  4. Widen your feet up to the width of your shoulders and place the hands on hips and stand straight. Now bring both hands over the head and touch the right ear, giving the right hand due to flexibility to turn to right side. Try to fix as much pressure on the left side as best much you can. Remember you should not bend forward or backward while bringing the right hand down. Now return to the original position and repeat the same process with the right hand.
  5. Widen your feet as per width of the shoulders and then stand straight. Let the hanging hand down in the normal way, keeping your elbows absolutely straight. Now draw up your right hip towards the shoulders. Do not move the bend portion of right foot nor try to raise it. It does not matter if the sole of the foot gets automatically raised up. Try to arise the hip further and try that it touches the lowest side. Now, after returning to the original position repeat the same process from the left side also. Repetition should depend upon your capacity.
  6. Lie flat on the ground and let the arms remain glued to either side of the waist. Now raise your left foot vertically and keep it a straight portion. Then slowly bring the foot down. The same exercise should be repeated by the right side. Then raise each the foot alternatively and repeat 16-20 times.

These are the 6 Best Workout for Women which they are to be performed on daily basis, for body toning and stay fit.

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