6 Incredible Best Thigh Exercises Examples

Best Thigh Exercises

It is a cherished desire of any bodybuilder to have muscular and stronger thighs as it is the edifice upon which foundation of a developed body is dependent. Hence it is imperative that the thighs should be stronger, muscular and good looking. For the benefit and knowledge of exercise aspirants, some important thighs-related exercises are being explained by the performance of which thighs can be made stronger and muscular. Here are the some best exercises for thighs.

thigh exercises

Barbell Squating

Place a wooden plank on the ground and keep your heels on it, but toes should be touching the ground firmly. Keep a weighted barbell upon the shoulders. Now perform the exercises of squatting, keeping your back erect and the thighs parallel to the ground. Stay in the standing position for a few moments and then get up. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times and repeat 4 such sets after taking rest for some time. New aspirants are likely to face some difficulties and problems at the initial stage, hence they should exercise only within their capacity and never exceed your capacity.

Thigh Extension

Put on iron shoes and sit on a table. Stick and affix hands firmly on either side of the thighs. keep your back erect and weight should be directed in the forward direction. Now raise one foot upwards quite slowly and raise it as conveniently as you can to your optimum capacity. keep the other foot strongly adhering to the ground. Rest of the body will remain like the other foot. Stay in this position for some time and then bring the foot to the original position.

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Hack Squating

This type of squatting is similar to barbell squatting but the only difference being that in this exercise a machine is used instead of a barbell. Sit on the platform of the machine. Now adjust weight and then try to stand up with the strength and help of your thighs, keeping rest of the body in upright position. This is best used for exercise for the back of thighs. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times and then perform 4 sets, one set consisting of 8-10 exercises.

Leg Curls

Fix your feet in the roller pads and be down with your stomach touching the surface of a table, with the help of strength of thighs stretch the feet to such an extent that they touch the buttocks. This exercise should be performed 18-20 times and then repeat it in 4-5 sets.

Straidil Lifting

Place a weighted barbell in between both the feet, hold the barbell by bending to a maximum limit. Perform sitting and getting exercise and then return to the original position. You should change hands alternatively and perform this exercise 8-10 times. Take some rest and repeat 4 sets.

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Leg Extension

Set in the machine, keeping the back erect and pushing forward the chest. Entangle the feet in the pads, by bending the knees. Now push the roller in forwarding direction with the help of feet. Again fold the knees. Practise this process for 18-20  times initially.Best used for exercise for inner thigh.Take some rest and then repeat 6 sets, each set having 18-20 exercises.


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